Barnard's Loop in Orion

barnardsloopcolor-rr.jpg (302089 bytes)

Exposure: Taken over three nights 1-14-09 through 1-16-09
12 X 20 min. Luminance
6 X 20 min. Color
Processing: All. subs captured with Nebulosity
Calibration (flats, darks), alignment, stacking (min/max excluded average), DDP in Imagesplus
Final curves, noise reduction in Photoshop/Noise Ninja
Equipment: Orion Starshoot Pro CCD Camera
28-90mm Vivitar series 1 lens working at 90mm f/5.6
Lumicon Ha filter( for Luminance shots)
Guided with an Orion Startshoot Autoguider using PHD
G11 mount
Notes: A big thanks to Rich Richins for his assistance in processing this image.

In the upper right are the 3 stars in Orion's belt and the famous Horsehead Nebula

I had to crop about 1/4 of the image off of the left hand side because
of a severe lens reflection off of the bright star Betelgeuse.

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