Antares Region (Digital)

antaresregion-800.jpg (265280 bytes)

Exposure: Taken 5-7-05 at the Texas Star Party.
3 X 300 sec. ISO 800.
Processing: Raw images converted to 16bit TIFs, dark subtracted and stacked (average) in ImagesPlus. Levels and curves adjusted in Photoshop.
Equipment: Canon Digital Rebel (modified) with the stock lens working at approximately 80mm.
The camera was mounted piggyback on a Meade 10" SCT and a Losmandy G-11 Gemini mount.
Guiding was through the SCT using an SBIG ST-4 autoguider.
Notes: This image almost ended up in the bloopers section!  I had planned to shoot and stack 10-12 images, but the camera's memory card filled up after the third image and I lost the rest.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until I had already set up for the next shot.  The image is a little noisy due to the short exposure, but I thought it came out pretty well for considering it was a total of only 15 minutes.

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