NGC6992 The Veil Nebula - East

ngc6995-58b-4n57d-16-easternveil.jpg (276221 bytes)
Constellation: Cygnus - the Swan
Type: Supernova remnant
Position: RA20h57m06s 
Exposure: Composite of two images using the LRGB technique.
RGB: Taken 10-22-03. 45 minutes on Kodak Supra 400.
Luminance: Taken 10-18-03.  60 minutes on hypered Tech Pan.
Processing: Images were aligned in Registar, combined in Photoshop.  Levels, color correction in Photoshop.
Equipment: RGB: Meade 6" f/5 reflector, Televue field flattener
Luminance: Orion 120ST f/5 refractor, Televue field flattener and Lumicon deepsky filter.
Both exposures used a Losmandy G11 Gemini mount guided with an SBIG ST-4 autoguider
on a Celestron guidescope using a home made side-by-side dovetail bracket.
Notes: A special thanks to Dave Dockery for his suggestions/assistance with the processing of this image.

You can also view the western half and a black and white composite
of the two halves of this object.

Locator Chart

veilchart.gif (8598 bytes)
Chart copyright Steven Tuma and Dean Williams - Deepsky 2002

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