M81, M82 - Galaxy Pair in Ursa Major

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M81 (NGC3031), M82 (NGC3034)
Constellation: Ursa Major
Type: Galaxy
Position: M81 - RA09h55.6m  DEC+69.04
M82 - RA09h55.8m  DEC+69.41
Magnitude: M81 - 6.8
M82 - 8.4
Exposure: Composite of two images taken 4-28-03
1 X 30 min, 1 X 20 min  on Kodak Elite Chrome 200
Processing: Images were aligned in Registar, combined in Photoshop. 
Vignette correction, curves, color balance adjusted in Photoshop.
Equipment: Meade 6" f/6 Newtonian OTA mounted on a Losmandy G-11 Gemini mount.
Guided with SBIG ST-4 and Celestron guidescope using home made
side by side dovetail bracket.
Notes: Check out my more recent digital image of these objects.

Locator Chart

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Chart copyright Steven Tuma and Dean Williams - Deepsky 2003

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