M46, NGC2437 (Open Cluster)
NGC2438 (Planetary Nebula)

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M46, NGC2437, NGC2438
Constellation: Puppis - The Stern
Type: Open Cluster (M46, NGC2437)
Planetary Nebula (NGC2438)
Position: RA:7h 41m 8s
DEC:-14d 49m
Magnitude: 6.1 (M46, NGC2437)
10.8 (NGC2438)
Exposure: Taken 3/9/07
6 X 300 sec ISO 800
Processing: Raw images converted to 16bit TIFs, dark subtracted and stacked (average) in ImagesPlus.
Levels and curves adjusted in Photoshop.
Equipment: Canon 300d (modified)
Orion 80ED  f/7.5 refractor at prime focus
Losmandy G11 Gemini mount
SBIG ST-4 autoguider
Celestron guidescope
Notes: Although the planetary nebula NGC2438 appears to lie within the open cluster, the two objects are probably not physically related.  They simply appear along the same line of site as viewed from the earth.   Most sources indicate that NGC2438 is a foreground object.

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