M42, M43 -  The Orion Nebula

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M42, NGC1976   and M43, NGC1982
Constellation: Orion
Type: Diffuse Nebula
Position: RA05h35.4m 
Magnitude: 4
Exposure: Composite of two images using LRGB technique.
RGB: Composite of three images. Taken 11-05-02 and 11-09-02. 
All exposures on Elite Chrome 200.
1 X 10 min. (for central core), 1 X 15 min. ,1 X 20 min.

Luminance: Composite of three images. Taken 12-26-02
All exposures on hypered Tech Pan.
1 X 5 min. (for central core), 1 X 10 min. ,1 X 20 min.

Processing: Images were aligned in Registar, combined in Photoshop. 
5 and 10 minute images were combined to hold detail in the core.
20 minute exposure was then added.
Levels, color balance adjusted in Photoshop.
Equipment: Meade 10" LX-50 with Lumicon giant easy guider at f/5.5
Notes: None.

Locator Chart

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Chart copyright Steven Tuma and Dean Williams - Deepsky 2002

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