NGC 7293 - The Helix Nebula
(digital with modified 300d)

ngc7293-helixpostmod.jpg (101388 bytes)

NGC7293, Caldwell 63
Constellation: Aquarius
Type: Planetary Nebula
Position: RA22h29.5m 
Magnitude: 6.3
Exposure: Taken 10-8-04
8 X 600 sec. ISO 400. 51 degrees.
Processing: Raw images converted to 16bit TIFs, dark subtracted and stacked (min/max excluded average) in ImagesPlus.
Levels and curves adjusted in Photoshop.
Equipment: Meade 10" LX-50 f/5.5
Lumicon focal reducer
Hutech modified Canon Digital Rebel (300D)
IDAS LPS filter
Losmandy G-11 Gemini mount
SBIG ST-4 autoguider
Celestron Guidescope
Notes: See the older film version of this image and the digital version of this object before having the 300d modified.

The Helix Nebula is the largest planetary nebula in our sky.
It is quite dim and best viewed with low power.

Locator Chart

helixchart.gif (4023 bytes)
Chart copyright Steven Tuma and Dean Williams - Deepsky 2002

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