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Comet Hyakutake

Hyakutake-21-8-3ssthm.jpg (17403 bytes) Comet Hyakutake 3-25-96

Equipment: Piggyback 28mm f/2.8.  5 minute exposure. On Kodak Royal Gold 1000.
Note: disconnection event recorded in the middle of the frame.

Image reprocessed on 6-2-03 using a vignette removal technique from Jerry Lodriguss'
excellent e-book - Photoshop for Astrophotographers.   It was interesting to remember
just how big this comet was.  When I was reworking the image, I realized that the Big
Dipper (Ursa Major) is centered in the image.  This large constellation is dwarfed by
this amazing comet.
Here is the previous version of this image.

hyakutake-22-3avthm.jpg (19841 bytes) Comet Hyakutake - date not recorded

Equipment: Piggyback 90mm f/2.8.  10 minute exposure. On Kodak Royal Gold 1000.


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